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Finding your rhythm

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If you’ve ever watched knitters (or listened if they have metal needles), you’ll notice their knitting is very rhythmic. It can be quite mesmerizing. It’s the same with crocheters - the flash of the hook and movement of the yarn are fascinating to watch. But how do you find that kind of rhythm?

The short answer: practice, practice, practice. The more you knit (or crochet) the more you will discover your own rhythm. However, I believe that there is another important factor - experimentation. As I am more experienced in knitting, I’ll speak to that craft.

There are many ways to knit. Some common systems include Continental and English, while systems such as Portuguese and Lever knitting are becoming more well known. Learning a specific technique usually depends on location or the knitters you learn from, but this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other techniques or ways of knitting to find one that feels best to you. There is no right or wrong way to knit - only what works best for you. Some knitters change techniques due to joint pain or to knit faster. And others simply want to know how to knit multiple ways. Whatever the reason, experimenting can be a great way to help you find a rhythm.

Take your time though and be patient. Learning a new technique or figuring out how to best hold your working yarn will take time to commit it to muscle memory. Every crafter had to start from the beginning, practice, and experiment to evolve into their rhythm. You’re in good company - go for it and find your rhythm!

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