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Wheat and Reeds - double knit hat

design double-knit hat

Sometimes I find that starting a project, without a pattern, can be really rewarding. It certainly was for this up coming, double-knit hat pattern - "Wheat and Reeds". I had wanted to make a double-knit hat so I had an extra warm hat for winter. So, I made a swatch to estimate my stitches and went for it! If, during the knitting, it didn't seem to work, I could always start over. But it ended up looking and feeling great! I can't wait to share it with you.

   A hat lays on a pair of blue jeans, on a wood surface. The hat is a blue/green, knit hat with a banded pattern in brown. A hat lays on top of a grey sweater, on a wood surface. The hat is knitted and brown with a band pattern in blue/green.

The first image is the "right side" of the hat that inspired the wheat naming. The second image is the other side of the hat that inspired the reeds naming.

I have to give my partner credit for the naming of this pattern; I was stuck and he just came up with "Wheat and Reeds" because the pattern reminded him of them. So thank you!

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