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Mittens in the making

alpaca design mittens wool

Whenever I complete/work on a project with a technique that is new to me, or just fun, I usually find myself thinking of more patterns with that technique. In this case, I just cast of a double knit hat (see that post here) and saw a photo on Pintrest that made me think, "Oh of course! Double knit mittens!". Living in Minnesota, I never underestimate the need for a warm hat and warm mittens.

One thing I'd like to try with these mittens is using different types of yarn for the two sides of the mitten. A warm alpaca blend for the inside, and a sturdy (but still warm) sheep's wool for the outside. I'm sure its not a new idea, but its new to me so I'm excited to see the results!

As current projects progress, I'll do my best to share updates via Instagram.

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